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When you discover yourself?

I was always going to be an entrepreneur. Even at primary school the signs were there. "I used to design logo to raise money. I was good at design and art.

Khursheed Alam Rahil Founder & CEO of DOTDEZINE Studio

"As a child, I often used to write to novels writers with ideas for new detective and science fiction. (e.g. Inspector Jamshed Series, Shoki Brothers by Ishtiaq Ahmed, a great writer I've everseen during my childhood and yet.) "I've always enjoyed coming up with ideas, but it can be a curse. Most places I go - a restaurant, shop, sea-side, social gathering whatever - my head's busy thinking of ways to improve things. This isn't always a good thing - when you're with your girlfriend.

Early entrepreneurial promise

At secondary school, I considered a career in engineering, but as a family decision I started study in medicine but I was never totally committed, continuing my artisitc passioan as well as move from medicine to Information Technology, but I knew I wanted to run my own business.

I set up my first venture at 17. I was ahead of the game; I was drawing some design on canvas pencil sketch, participated art exhibition and selling them to art lovers. I wasn't making vast amounts but it was a profitable business model. Loads of businesses are doing it now. Perhaps I should have stuck at it…

Back then, I also came up with the idea of a website on which job hunters could upload their CVs. The success of numerous recruitment websites pays testimony to the idea's validity, but I didn't have time due to study to make it work properly like now Rozee.PK or other jobs sites in Pakistan.

Three thinker

In mid 90s, I set up IT consulting, web designing and Development Free Company from Karachi, where I offer software consulting, best designing skills and eye-catching websites for national and international market at affordable prices. It's not a terribly original idea, to do work alone without making a team but I identified a gap in the market not available sincere and consistent candidates. The business is doing well and continues to evolve.

A year later I set up proper software house, following an unpleasant journey to a company for a consulting, where they were using spreadsheets for their financial and accounts. Where I suggested designing a proper accounts software technology I suggested on that time FoxPro or MS Access with very affordable price. It's an excellent business, the result of trying to solve a problem - the basis for many good businesses.

I would also like to set up my own charity. "Many charities could be run much better. Someday, I'd like to use my money, creativity and know-how to do good things in the community.

Key motivation

I'd be earning much more now if I had become a doctor or continue my job in Textile firm as an IT Professional, Obviously, I want to make money, but it's not everything. I like the freedom and satisfaction you get from working for yourself… deciding your own destiny. I couldn’t work for someone else now, however good the money was."

I still make the classic mistake of working within my businesses, rather than on them ("However minor a customer enquiry or complaint, I can't rest until it's sorted out"). I can't recall any low points in business so far, I also refuse to talk about my high points at this stage.

Finally I've started other creative steps in business and set up a Renewable Energy Solution to my country who suffering load shedding problems day by day and none of the any Government personnel serious about resolving energy crises.

The creating solar business company with the idea of a true renewable solution, (during consulting of a solar company seeing things unable to show here) using stranded design and high-quality products, but with cost-effective and least payback year.

Within this idea making a tremendous engineers team who masters in Renewable from Nottingham University, UK and some UET Peshawar, Pakistan University with their knowledge and my entrepreneurial skills we've developed low-cost DC system Kit, which is our own creative creations. And we continue our explore to make it more useful and powerful solar kit which will be the very fist solar kit system you can say "Made in Pakistan" the sound is wonderful for us.

I've only just started. OK, perhaps there aren't many people my age with two successful businesses to their name - certainly business are successful or not - but I'm excited about the future, not the past.

“Who knows what I'll be doing next year, let alone ten or even fifteen years down the line. I'm forever learning. I might not achieve my ambitions with the businesses I'm running now, but at least when I come up with the idea, I'll have the knowledge and experience to make it into a really successful business.”

Khursheed Alam
Founder & CEO

Limitations live only in our minds, but if we use our imaginations,


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