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As part of our expert SEO strategies, we conduct extensive market research and analysis of the competition to provide you with professional SEO services in Australia that are appropriate for your niche. We engage in keyword research to identify niche specific keywords that will convert well. We then develop high-quality content that is designed to rank well for our chosen keywords. We also engage in link building campaigns to create high-quality, relevant backlinks to your web pages to improve your search engine rankings, while simultaneously launching social media campaigns to further increase your rankings. In addition to all of these quality SEO services, we also test and analyse your conversion rate and work on improving the conversion rate of your landing pages. We keep our clients constantly updated on the progress of our efforts on their behalf by providing them with periodic reports on all metrics of interest.

The Future of the media landscape is likely to be interactive. The World Wide Web offers valuable insights and learning possibilities for advertisers who wish to advertise beyond the principles and practices shaped by traditional mass media. In an age where change is exponential, technology is the driving force behind this change. And the Web will be the most influential change factor our age will experience."

You can use the World Wide Web to promote your products, services, and ideas for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and marketing. There are no printing costs, no postage costs, etc. In addition, pages can be updated instantly, so changes and corrections are painless!

We will work with you to develop a distinctive Web marketing program that integrates Internet marketing considerations into your overall marketing plan. Together we will customize an approach to fit your individual needs.

Businesses today are faced with stiff competition where only brands that are well recognized and are highly visible online are able to sell their products and services. It is vital for modern businesses to embrace the power of Social Media in order to maximize their exposure and connect directly to consumers.

Social Media Marketing provides businesses with a way to connect directly with consumers via several popular social media platforms, without the need to depend on conventional, and costly, media advertising to deliver results. This is a cost-effective way to increase your brand awareness and simultaneously drive customers to your site.

Prior to getting into a discourse about our video marketing services, you should consider these facts:

  • The average internet user spends approximately 19 hours viewing videos each month

  • More than 85% of people view internet videos and the number is increasing rapidly

  • What does this signify? These facts demonstrate why it is important for businesses to choose video marketing as one of the most effective strategies to maximise exposure and gain a strong web presence. An effective video marketing and optimisation campaign will increase your exposure, increase web traffic, improve conversions, and increase the search engine rankings of your site.

    Our Skills

    SEO (65%)

    Social Media Marketing (85%)

    Video Production (23%)

    Our Principal

    Strategic eMarketing

    We believes on the internet marketing campaign the biggest challenges facing business is planning and executing. How do you allocate budget? Which methods will be most effective? How do you reach your target market? dotDEzine works with you to answer questions like these. We can analyze your existing online presence and develop a comprehensive Internet marketing plan to help you meet your goals. Our expertise and success stems from our diverse industry experience.

    Our process includes analyzing your business, industry and competitors. We then evaluate opportunities within the top search engines and identify techniques that will most effectively promote the growth of your company including SEO and email marketing.

    Our Strategic Marketing Services Include:


    In many Web sites, the user "gets lost" in the complexity of the navigation system. We create navigation systems that are very effective in their simplicity: users always know where they are, and powerful design and graphics further enhance the navigation.

    Marketing Know-How

    We have successfully completed many leading Web sites, for a wide variety of clients. We work with you from the beginning of the creative process to the completion of your site. This "interactive creation process" sets us apart from the we-know-better attitude of many agencies: It also ensures that you will be very satisfied with the final result.


    The personalization of Web sites is an emerging and very effective trend in successful Web sites. The concept is similar to that of relationship building: Customers feel that there are "real people" behind the site. As such, they will be more likely to make a purchase via the Web.

    Electronic Commerce (EC) System

    You will get a system that meets the highest technical and security standards, yet is integrated perfectly into the rest of the site. For example, We can create an on-line mail order system, a shopping cart service, whereby customers make purchases on-line, pay by credit card, and receive the goods by post.

    Search Engine Result Placement

    Even the best Web site is of little or no use if potential customers cannot find it. With the aid of search engine placement, We can ensure your site is on / close to page one - even if there are thousands of document matches.

    We will register your business with major "search engines" and directories so that users will find your website when searching the net.

    Web Editing System

    Employees with no programming skills can easily update the Site content. The new or edited content appears immediately on the Site. This can be done with a browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozila FireFox Internet Explorer or Safari), from any computer with an Internet connection.

    Customer Database

    Most large Web sites also have a database that automatically gathers information about the customers, which can then be structured and analyzed by management.

    Development Skills

    The combination of multi-lingual writing skills, and programming and graphic skills in a Web design agency is very rare. We, decided to make a skilled and structure design agency and at dotDEzine, implement in different languages (Urdu-Arabic-French-English-Spanish-Dutch) depending on your objectives and target market. In addition, We are in this field since 1996, which means that the end result is excellent.


    Once your web site is up and ready, We will assist you in the study of a full marketing campaign to help promote your business on the internet.

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