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The truth is in modern business, soon or later you will need a web site for your organization weather it is small or big. You either need it as a business partner or just an online signature of your existence in our Global Village. Professionally done advance state-of-the-art designing for web sites under the rate you can afford with the benefits you seek is possible under one name now. We not only work as Web Site designer but also provide full consultancy services to bring you the best of your inspiration. Our procedure is very simple, fast and effective that publishes your true image to the Internet. We optimized your well-dressed web sites for fast possible download.

Because we are linked to the digital world since early 90s, and have experience of all web architecture, programming, and designing since. With rapid changes in technology and enhancement we continue to fulfill the requirements of our clients by providing them quality of modern time with touch of our wild imagination and our skills. We don’t speak but our work tells the tale.

The basic and most important stage for us and you where we deciding on the scope and timeframe of the project. At this is stage more we discuss what practical business function(s) you expect your website to play, whether that includes "merely" advertising, or educating your clients, etc. Some functions require much more development time (and money) than others, so these must be weighed against your available budget.

After planning stage of our pre-design we design a Template, for this template we will discuss with you more such as, what style and tone will best represent your business or organization? The answer to this question plays a key role in determining what it will take to project the right "look and feel" to your visitors. Strictly business? Stylish and artistic? Simple and elegant? Visually arresting? what do you already have in the way of advertising text and/or graphics that can be effectively used (or reused) in a web-based format? Logos, photos, and other graphics that are already on hand can go far in keeping price for our web design down. However, we gladly do graphic work and copywriting for the additional fee.

After choosing a structure design, dotDEzine starts building your site at during this stage our professional consulting specialists will guide you and help you to turn your vision into realty.

After successfully website design, you'll have to choose the right marketing strategy campaign to promote your site on the net. More, our Internet Marketing specialist Consultant will give their assistance at that moment.

We strive to provide our customers a fair and reasonable web design pricing. To arrive at a realistic estimate of what we would charge to create your site (or modify your existing site). If you trying to send us request quote of a site design or re-design don't forget to provide our pre-defined quote requirements segments.

Our Skills

Logo Design (65%)

Print (75%)

Web Design (90%)

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Supplying / design the World with Top Quality computer hardware, Design & Development.

Professional Research

Our research team leader is one of the continuous professional winner of Computer Software Competition various times in Pakistan held by several Computer Societies, NGOs, Sind Government of Pakistan and professional and engineering IT Institutes.

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DOTDEzine The Design Studio; design most cost effective individual deals for its customer, which are small business sectors and other personal portfolio and Blog makers.

We are one of the leading IT Services Provider in Pakistan

Limitations live only in our minds, but if we use our imaginations,


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